Tuesday, February 27, 2024

5 Minute Landcape Lighting

Solar Landscape Lighting

I wanted landscape lighting for my front yard to highlight my palm trees and other plantings. I considered low voltage lighting but really didn't want to deal with the cost, digging up of my yard, worrying about wires getting severed by my mow and blow crew, etc. etc. I thought that with all the sunlight here is South Florida, solar lights would be worth exploring.

I got these and they are the best. They are incredibly well priced, take literally minutes to set up, and look great. You literally stick the ground stake into the spotlight, press the on button once for low light mode and twice for high light mode, and stick it in the ground.

They are available in sets of 2, 4, or 6. I highly recommend that you order the Warm White. The light is far more pleasing.

It has two modes - the high mode lasts about 6 hours and the low mode about 12 hours. I have it on high as I want them to come on at dark and go off at bedtime.

I bought these 6 months ago and they all work perfectly and flawlessly every night. Many neighbors have complimented me on my landscape lighting project - little do they know the entire thing was under $100!!! And since the sun charges them, operation is completely free!

Use them to highlight a flagpole, a sculpture, a fountain, trees, plantings or your house. At about $10 a light, these are a steal. Keep in mind that these work free off the sun, so a heavily shaded yard or Seattle, Washington is not going to work like they do in a sunny location. 

Innogear Solar Lights - Order in sets of 2, 4, or 6 in Warm White

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  1. I ordered these lights yesterday. Same day delivery. I put them in the ground today around noon. They are amazing!!