Sunday, January 21, 2024

No More Pretty in Pink - Update


I still get comments and emails all the time from folks desperate to find a replacement for our gone but not forgotten (now banned) pink incandescent light bulbs. I did an update a while back saying that my search for substitutes was a complete bust. Here is an update on the current status.

The LEDs on the market that they call "pink" are garish party lights perfect for throwing a Barbie birthday party for a 7 year old. Just say "no."

There are some of the old pink incandescents being sold illegally on eBay - even a pair for $598! But shipping is free - LOL.

Are there options? The answer is a resounding no - read on.

*Canada has also banned incandescent light bulbs.

*Light bulbs in Europe generally have different fittings, wattages, etc. And I doubt the filaments would survive international shipping.

*A few followers have suggested smart color changing LED bulbs like the Philips Hue and GE Cync. They are not for me - they are expensive, up to $60 a bulb, they work through WIFI and an app, you have to pair them with Google or Alexa or buy a wireless remote or switch - no thanks! And I found that they interfere with my WIFI on my computer and television sets. The color is not soft like the old bulbs at all. They lose connectivity frequently. If you want light bulbs to be a constant hassle and project, go for it. I hated them.

*As I mentioned above, LED's sold as "Pink" are a bright hot pink meant for Barbie parties and the like, not for an elegant home.

*I posted on this topic many many times before incandescent light bulbs were finally banned and encouraged everyone to stock up as I did. I have a huge stash at CCC. I will never run out. So I will update if a nice pink light bulb ever becomes available. But I find LED's to be inherently ugly light and I am quite concerned over the health and vision risks, so you will never find one in my home.

*Interestingly, I find that my incandescent light bulbs last much longer here in Florida because you don't have the temperature swings like up North. I found in NOVA that my bulbs were constantly blowing in the winter turning on a lamp after a cold night. So move South - LOL. 

*I do not recommend painting bulbs as a few people have recommended as experts advise it is a fire risk.

I wish the news was better, but it is what it is. 

If you'd like to read my post on the history of this light bulb debacle, click here.


  1. Incandescent’s mimic the sun and are much healthier - glad you point that out.

  2. Friends of ours bought a beautiful apartment in Gramercy Park, Manhattan. On our first visit the first thing they wanted to show us was their "light bulb" closet. I returned the favor when they visited us. We both had stashes of incandescents. I used to paint my bulbs pink with no ill effects.

  3. Thanks for keeping everyone in the loop. I have a chandelier in my dining room that takes incandescent candelabra style bulbs. Recently, two bulbs died, so I went on Amazon to order more, and was disappointed to discover that they cannot be shipped to California. I can only order LED candelabra bulbs.