Wednesday, October 11, 2023

The Thrill of the Hunt

Amanda Lindroth - Veranda 

A little while back I saw this photo in Veranda of a china pattern that stopped me in my tracks. It is Lenox British Colonial and is replete with pineapples, palm trees, bamboo, and sailing ships. I thought it would be so perfect for CCC - a wonderful combination of chinoiserie, coastal, and British Colonial. It is even dishwasher and microwave safe. But then I learned....

That it was discontinued a couple of years ago! Oh no! So I embarked on a journey to amass eight brand new place settings. Here is what I learned. Perhaps this will help some of you to source a discontinued pattern or fill in pieces of a pattern you own.

Some places still have limited stock of some pieces - Amazon, Lenox, Macy's. Some independent stores showed available stock, but when you order they give you a ship date six months out in 2024! This happened to me several times. I don't believe them. eBay and Etsy are good sources too, but lots of items are used and I want all brand new pieces. is good, but they do not show if pieces are new or rather are used in excellent condition, so I did not source from them. If you find an online store and you've never heard of them and at the bottom of the website it shows they were created in 2023, they are usually SCAMS. Stay away.

With algorithms and sales, prices change daily often dramatically. The platter, for example, can be $70 one day at one store and $140 another day at another store. Keep checking. I have sourced all pieces at excellent prices.

I also learned that Lenox British Colonial was a large line, and I love all the pieces. So I ended up with dinner plates in two different designs, bowls in three different designs, and side plates in four different designs. They all mix and match so well. With all the different sizes, they are great for brunches and lunches too. So for example, there are appetizer plates, dessert plates, luncheon plates, dinner plates, etc. 

This china looks sensational with my bamboo flatware and rattan placemats. 

Here are some photos.

Lenox British Colonial


Lenox British Colonial

I have no one single source that is great - so if you see something discontinued you would like to find, I suggest you check out the places I have mentioned. I now have over 60 pieces and I'm just missing a few things. But I find the hunt really fun and will fill in the blanks over time. There are a few items like the large pitcher I have yet to come up with in new condition, but I will. Have patience and keep checking.

It has been a bit more challenging, because I originally thought I wanted four place settings, then I changed to six, then to eight. And in the meantime, my original sources were running out of stock.

It's also interesting that Lenox was the last remaining significant manufacturer of bone china in the United States. The pandemic forced the closure of its last American factory located in North Carolina. They started manufacturing overseas, then they discontinued the pattern. So some of my stock is marked made in the United States and some is made overseas in Malaysia. You can tell the difference by running your fingers over the design.

One more thing - I am meticulous about having plate protectors for all my china. The lovely soft cotton felt they use to be made of is long gone and most now days are hard and papery. The only one I like is -

Hagerty Fine China Plate Dividers

So Lenox British Colonial is my new everyday china and I love it. I know it will just get harder and harder to find as time goes on and I'm thrilled I have found so many new pieces. Do any of you have this pattern?


  1. I have this China pattern. Lenox also made pale green glassware etched with pineapples which go beautifully with the dishes.

  2. Correction, the glasses are etched with palm trees.

  3. I regularly purchase from Replacements and have found the quality of their offerings to be superb. I know you want new, never used pieces, but if there is a serving piece you are missing and has it, I would not hesitate. I recently purchased Gien's Filet Bleu from them and every single piece is perfect. It is still available from other sources, but with a months long wait do to labor shortages after the pandemic and lag time with training new people to hand paint.

  4. I found several pieces of my new favorite YE OLD WILLOW (C1905) on Ebay!
    I also collect Georgian from Adams Calyxware ... but it must be before Wedgwood bought the company. Wedgwood mass produced the line and it changed the look completely... I also look for Blue Italian from Spode for my daughter. It is sometimes are made in China!!! The look and feel are completely different from those produced in England!
    I guess I am saying I would rather buy "used" than mass produced!!!

  5. I always say that searching for collectibles is the female equivalent of deer hunting. This pattern is beautiful!

  6. Bed, Bath and Beyond carried this pattern.

  7. Those are gorgeous pieces! By the way, have you noticed that a few? online sites of reputable companies are selling clothing and pillows reduced in price and labeled "gently worn" and "gently used"?

  8. It's a beautiful china pattern. So sad that the quality of many things is not what it used to be. Some years ago I discovered a crystal pattern called Gallia made by the manufacturer Rogaska. I had never heard of it before, but immediately fell in love with it and bought a set of eight champagne glasses. They look similar to William Yeoward's Fern pattern, which is my favorite crystal, but one glass is hundreds of dollars!

    1. Gallia was my wedding crystal in 1977! It was sold exclusively at Macy's at the time. It was very popular and I know several people who have the pattern as well. I still love it and a couple of years ago added 8 hock wine glasses to my collection.

  9. Beth- what a fun pattern!!! I believe one can not have enough china! My wedding pattern was discontinued by a store whose name was in a movie - looks like they’ve brought it back, but totally different- upsetting! I live close to Replacements and if you’re ever driving on I-85 stop in - they have a small “museum” of sorts. My next home has to have a butlers pantry - it’s time to bring those back!!!