Saturday, October 21, 2023

Coastal Nutcrackers

Pineapple Nutcracker 

Do you collect nutcrackers? I actually found ones with a tropical vibe, perfect for Florida, or a beach house, or for anyone who loves the coastal look. Isn't he too fun? A pineapple hat and he is carrying a palm tree.

This is on other websites for more than twice the price.

Kurt Adler 19" Pineapple Hat Nutcracker

This line by Kurt Adler is a collector's edition. One would make a wonderful Christmas gift too for anyone who collects nutcrackers.

Here are more from this collection with a coastal theme -

Kurt Adler 18" Octopus Hat Nutcracker

Kurt Adler 12" Dolphin Hat Nutcracker

Kurt Adler 11" Sea Turtle Hat Nutcracker

Disappointing news - today is the last day for the HomeGoods website. They are shutting it down to concentrate on brick and mortar stores. Strange to me as online shopping is such a huge share of the market. I personally order the vast majority of things online. 


  1. Those nutcrackers are just adorable!! It definitely seems ill-advised to shut down their website….. I much prefer online shopping & do a lot of it. However, they have recently opened a new store near me to entice me out of the house. They are, literally, all around me now. Pretty hard to resist!!!

  2. I LOVE Florida stuff. Everything is cuter. Sandals, handbags, tabletop & certainly nutcrackers.💚

  3. Yes I do collect nutcrackers. I have over 45 of them and I do not have much storage in my home. So some of them stay out thru the year.