Wednesday, August 16, 2023

A Walk on the Wild Side

Julie Vos Alligator Collection

This new alligator collection at Julie Vos could not be more perfect for Florida. I always love adding new pieces of Julie Vos jewelry to my collection. If you are not familiar with Julie Vos, it is very high quality costume jewelry designed and handcrafted to the standards of fine jewelry in 24k gold plate over nickel free brass and sealed to prevent tarnish. It is modern but classic statement jewelry and its style is perfect for summer with a chic beachy vibe.

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I find all the wildlife here in Florida so fascinating. The other morning there were about a hundred parrots down at the Venice jetty. And besides alligators, we have armadillos, panthers, wild hogs, osprey, cranes, bobcats, bald eagles, ducks, owls, and much more. I back to preserves and a lake, so I see them all.

These are the parrots that I saw the other day.

Nanday Parakeet


  1. I had a beautiful male panther sitting at my front French doors.

  2. How fabulous, and how lucky you were to see him.