Monday, July 17, 2023

Styling the Wicker Breakfast Tray

Amanda Lindroth

I love a beautiful breakfast tray. If the truth be told, I always thought that eating in bed was wrong. But put everything on a pretty tray, it becomes quite elegant. 

The tray here is one of Amanda Lindroth's Island Trays you can find in Light Brown or Navy here or her new Aqua here. You can find her wicker wrapped glassware here and vases here.

The color palette above is so pretty and tropical with coral and touches of blue and green - a nice tropical alternative to blue and white. And she used two Chinese Chippendale twin headboards to create a king size one.

The bedding looks like Matouk Essex in Hibiscus. Find it here.

Here is another shot of this dreamy bed.

Amanda Lindroth

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  1. I concur about "eating" in bed - but having COFFEE - no problem-oooo :) But, I do LOVE the look of a Breakfast Tray.