Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Julie Vos Sample Sale is Here

Julie Vos

I love Julie Vos jewelry and have been collecting it for years. If you are not familiar with Julie Vos, it is very high quality costume jewelry designed and handcrafted to the standards of fine jewelry in 24k gold plate over nickel free brass and sealed to prevent tarnish. It is modern but classic statement jewelry and its style is perfect for summer with a chic beachy vibe.

Their Sample Sale is now live and there are deals up to 60% off. Click here for the sale. Shipping is free.

Their Bamboo Collection is wonderful and always selling out. The Bamboo Delicate Necklace is available in 3 colors and is on sale for under $100. Very Chinoiserie Chic!

Bamboo Delicate Necklace


  1. I have always loved Julie Vos jewelry but do not have any of her pieces. Thank you for sharing this amazing sample sale, the problem is there are about 20 pieces that I would love to have. How is a girl to choose?

  2. I have several pieces of Julie Vos. Locally, 530 Burns Gallery carries a nice selection in their store downtown Sarasota.

  3. I don't recall that I have ever purchased any of their jewelry, but I do get the catalog and their jewelry is very pretty.