Monday, May 1, 2023

The Chinoiserie Workspace

Bamboo Pens

Happy May Day, also International Workers' Day. Whether you have a dedicated workspace in your home or a desk in the corner of a room, here are some ideas for organizing your space with chinoiserie chic style.
Rattan Storage Basket

Rattan Storage Box

Tall Rattan Storage Basket

Small Rattan Storage Basket

Rattan Storage Basket

Blue File Folders


  1. Happy May Day! Lots of goo diy for us today…I love office supplies, esp pretty ones like these.

  2. Beth, you have to stop this!! LOL! I am intentionally not much of a consumer (at least I try) but I buy soooo many of your recommendations. Just purchased 3 of the rolling woven file cabinets and 4 sets of the pretty folders. Just what I needed for my office and I didn't know such a file box existed. Thank you xo