Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Blue Bamboo

Blue Bamboo Flatware

For years I have thought to myself, "Why hasn't someone come out with blue bamboo flatware?" Well, someone finally did.

Blue Bamboo Flatware

"Crafted entirely by hand, this flatware is much like a piece of jewelry you never find a reason to take off. It's incredibly versatile; you'll turn to this set for casual weeknight dinners, your Thanksgiving gathering and spring luncheons al fresco, too. The organic feel and unique character to each individual piece adds character and depth to your setting, and the rich blue color makes it a departure from everyday cutlery."

Speaking of my love of blue, I always enjoy seeing pictures of the Lake Forest, Illinois Designer Showhouse - I grew up on Sheridan Road in Lake Forest.

The 2023 Lake Forest Showhouse & Gardens has just opened. Here is the foyer by Sarah Vaile done in $180,000 of de Gournay silk wallcovering with linen cutouts. No, I didn't get the price wrong. I understand the Matisse reference, but I think that many folks would find this hard to live with. I would.

Sarah Vaile - Lake Forest Showhouse & Gardens 2023

If I bought the house I would feel too guilty to tear it out, but would much rather have a classic blue chinoiserie de Gournay wallcovering. One person on Instagram said it looked like day care. Keep in mind this home is a classic brick Georgian Colonial in very traditional Lake Forest.

I would choose something like this.

de Gournay

Back to blue bamboo choices - 

Blue Bamboo Napkin Set

Blue Bamboo Tablecloth

Set of 2 Blue Bamboo Salad Servers

Set of 4 Blue Bamboo Dinner Plates

Blue Bamboo Chip and Dip

Set of 4 Blue Bamboo Bowls

Blue Bamboo Platter

Set of 4 Blue Bamboo Accent Plates

For all of us Blair Edie of Atlantic - Pacific fans, her collection for Tuckernuck just dropped minutes ago. Find it here. Every piece is under $300 and it is all really fabulous. She lives in Sarasota BTW.

Tuckernuck X Atlantic - Pacific


  1. Totally concur with the "day care" opinion on that Showhouse wallcovering :( Ugh - barf - but to each his own. I could think of numerous other options w/ $180G - just sayin'. Like your choice 100 times better :)

  2. I would have it torn out in a minute. It's hideous.

  3. Bloomsbury meets Matisse. A little overwhelming and wouldn’t be my choice.