Tuesday, April 25, 2023

The Universal Appeal of Seashells

Thomas Boog - Veranda

When I lived in NOVA in Alexandria, Virginia, I definitely tried to resist my seashell urge, limiting them to one shelf in my living room's built-in bookcases. Now that I live in a beach house in South Florida, I have fully embraced seashell decor. But now in shelter magazines I am seeing more and more seashells in homes you would not necessarily expect them to be in. 

This charming drawing room is filled with seashells - from the coral look chandelier to the tortoise shell on the coffee table to the display cabinets filled with a collection of seashells and seashell creations. The carved wooden temple dogs are Burmese BTW.

And you will never guess where this home is....

The Loire Valley of France. It is the weekend home of antiques dealer Thomas Boog and his wife in the landlocked Touraine region.

More seashells in the bathroom - 

Thomas Boog - Veranda 

The owner also creates objets out of seashells (see the faces in the cabinets). These shellwork pieces are called coquillage. He embraces rarities from the land in the form of antiques and from the sea in the form of seashells.

Here are some great choices if you'd like to embrace your inner mermaid.

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  1. my chinoiserie shelving units in my diningroom are totally dedicated to my shell collection.. The seats of my chippendale dining chairs I covered with a coral motif in navy/white....love shells!! and all sea thingys

  2. Shells.. My favorite decorating items. Cannot have enough!!

  3. I’m shell obsessed since moving part time to my coastal get away and want to make my own creations ala Lulu DK on Instagram. Unfortunately my coast is a California one and there aren’t any shells. But lately I’m finding lots of inspiration and just received a book called “Shell Chic” by Marlene Hurley Marshall. Gorgeous photos including that of a standard issue dining room brass chandelier coated in shells. And I have a boring fixture I’d love to transform!

    1. I'd love to see that. Etsy is an excellent source for shells.

  4. I agree! I can never have too many shells. I have them in display boxes on the walls and on every shelf and table in every room. So beautiful!

  5. I enjoy reading all your blogs. You have lovely designs I especially love the area you live in as my family had a home in Sarasota. My breakfront cabinet is lined with my coral and shell collection. I recently had the interior painted antique gold and the outer is a light teal. My decor is a mix of chinoiserie and modern traditional.

  6. I am now landlocked in Atlanta but I am originally from Charleston SC and my home is filled with shells, coastal art and a lowcountry vibe because that is what makes me happy. I looked around at my home decor a couple of decades ago and thought to myself "I wouldn't want to take much of my home decor and furniture with me when I leave this house and eventually move to the coast! I should decorate with what I like and so I do!"

  7. I like when they lend a cabinet of curiosities feel to a room. Think of all those landlocked Europeans that collected them bc they represented far away lands end journeys.

    We even know about ancient trade routes in the US because of shells found 100's of miles away from their origins.