Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Pearls & Palms


Pearls, palms, and raffia in pink and green! Talk about my style to a tee. Did you ever wonder where the phrase "to a tee" comes from? It of course means that something is perfect just the way it is.

Its origin is unknown but it has been around since the 1500s. The phrase "to a T" was used in a play by Francis Beaumont called The Woman Hater in 1607. But it was widely used before that. It is likely a shortened version of an Old English expression "to a tittle" and should really be spelled "to a T." 

At any rate, I love these earrings - so chic for spring, summer, vacation, and resort wear.

Natalie Raffia Palm Leaf Pearl Drop Earring in Pink

Natalie Raffia Palm Leaf Pearl Drop Earring in Green

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  1. My column in the Hearld-Tribune used to be called "Palm Trees and Pearls"! Yes, very appropo!

  2. Such a fun site and not one that I am familiar with. I saw several pieces of jewelry that I had to "add to cart". Have a Happy Easter.