Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Wonderful Spring Candle

Studio McGee Masala Rose Candle

This Target Studio McGee for Threshold candle called Masala Rose is absolutely wonderful. A floral for people who don't generally like florals - clean, fresh, elegant, light, but with amazing throw that really lingers in the room. With my open floor plan, the scent literally fills my home. The rose is subtle but intoxicating. I would call this a musky spicy floral with a very luxurious expensive candle feel. 

This candle has the scent, throw, and burn of a designer candle without the price. It is available in three different versions. Ships free to your home with a $35 order. This is one to stock up on. I burn candles every single day, and I must say that for my money the Target Threshold line cannot be beat for bang for your buck. And this candle is a new favorite. Reviewers have compared it to Le Labo Rose 31 and Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming.

2 Wick 20 Ounce Masala Rose Candle in a Blush Pink Ceramic Container

4 Wick 40 Ounce Masala Rose Candle in a Clear Glass Container

A great value is this 3 wick version for $15.00.

3 Wick 18 Ounce Masala Rose Candle in Clear Glass Container

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