Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Oscar Favorites

Sharon Stone at the Vanity Fair Oscars After Party

Did everyone watch the Oscars on Sunday night? Many people view the Academy Awards primarily for the fashion. These were my favorite gowns. All are elegant, tasteful, and very Old Hollywood. I included this picture of Sharon Stone at the Vanity Fair after party because it it one of my favorites - very Grace Kelly. The yellow caped gown is by Tony Ward Couture. Sharon Stone is 65 and still stunning.

Michelle Williams in Chanel Couture

Emily Blunt in Valentino

Hong Chau in Prada

Sofia Carson in Giambattista Valli

Malala in Ralph Lauren

Michelle Yeoh in Dior Couture

The average cost to dress an Oscar attendee is $1.5 million, with A list actresses averaging $10 million each for their attire. (Much of this is of course the value of borrowed jewelry).

I put an outfit together I love for under $2,000.

Morphine Tulle Roses Skirt

Raquel Pumps in Light Blue

And in homage to my favorite Oscar outfit of all time, Sharon Stone in a Gap white shirt and Vera Wang skirt at the 1998 Oscars, I would top the ballgown skirt with a white J. Crew shirt.

Sharon Stone 1998 Academy Awards

Relaxed Fit Crisp Cotton Poplin Shirt


  1. I did watch the Oscars and actually got through the entire show. I loved Emily Blunt's and Sophia Carson's gowns, but the actress I thought looked the most beautiful was Halle Berry. Except for the rosettes around the collar line of her dress, I thought she looked smashing. I still haven't figured out how actresses who wear dresses slit all the way up to their hips avoid revealing everything! There must be panties already sewn into the gown. Can you shed some light on this mystery, Beth?

    1. I personally did not care for her dress or hair and her dress for the Vanity Fair party was even worse. Many underwear companies have panties in all different nude skin colors to match your skin tone. I think Spanx and Commando and SKIMS are all popular for this - I love SKIMS. There are other options like stick on panties and strapless panties as well. You should Google strapless panties. Quite interesting.

  2. The only movie I saw last year was Elvis. I hoped that Austin Butler would win best actor. I thought he was electrifying. It's 's very difficult to portray a real life person, especially one that is so iconic, has such a dynamic presence, and that we are all so familiar with. I was very disappointed when he lost, but I did not see any of the other actors' performances.

    1. It was the year of the comeback at the Oscars and Brendan Fraser fit that theme perfectly.

  3. I just looked at her dress for the Vanity Fair party, and I didn't like it either, however, I loved her hair style, but I think Halle is so pretty, that she can get away with some things that many cannot.

  4. Fan Bingbing’s silver gown and emerald green coat made me squeal. The massive emerald earrings were the perfect addition. She carried herself with such poise and formality. A standout! Cheers.