Thursday, March 23, 2023

Chic Doggie on the Go


 I lived in Alexandria, Virginia for many years and I loved that it was so dog friendly. Stores had treats and water bowls and pups were allowed on restaurant patios. Likewise, Florida and Sarasota County are very doggie friendly. I take Harper lots of places with me and have gotten a couple of pieces that make life much easier - I use them for long walks, stores, restaurant patios, and such. These are especially great for small or senior dogs or dogs with mobility issues. Harper is 4 pounds and does not like walking long distances.


This pet stroller is beautifully made and looks very expensive. It is made of canvas and steel - it comes in five colors and I got the pictured black and tan. It is easy to fold and unfold, has cup holders and a basket, the canopy has no zipper but a latch that is much easier and faster that a zipper. Only 11 pounds, but holds animals up to 30 pounds. It has two safety leashes so you can have the canopy open and your pup secure. Also great for cats.

SKISOPGO Pet Stroller

I got this sling carrier by Maxbone in the Nude and love it. Harper loves it too. It comes in 4 colors. It has pockets for your phone, keys, and such and a safety latch. It is very eco friendly made from plastic water bottles and recycled nylon. This is designed for toy breeds under 10 pounds. I used it the other day at the mall (UTC) and it was great. But we got stopped at least 20 times and lots of people wanted to take pictures of Harper - she is awfully cute.

Maxbone Sling Carrier


  1. Carmel, California is equally dog friendly. There are so many folks walking around with dogs one almost feels bare without one!

  2. Beth, I LOVE THIS! I've been looking for some sort of lightweight, collapsible transport with wheels for my two cats so that I can get them from my car into the vet's office. Those hard sided handheld carriers are just too heavy when carrying two cats. I'm going to get one right now! And Harper is adorable!