Sunday, March 19, 2023

Black in Warm Weather

Black for Spring & Summer

I absolutely adore wearing black. I went to law school in DC and lived in DC during law school and then lived and worked in DC for several years after graduating. Black was a mainstay of my wardrobe and remained so ever after. To me, nothing looks more chic in a city than black any time of year, and you don't have to worry about it showing dirt like light colors. It has such a classic vibe - very Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy.

When I moved to Florida, I put my black clothes towards the back of my closet and started wearing more patterns and colors. But I missed my black and it is back! I now still wear colors a lot, but enjoy my black as well.

First, there is no truth that black makes you hotter in warm weather. In fact, wearing loose black clothing keeps you cooler. Physics - heat is not just coming from the sun - it is coming from your body. White clothing reflects the heat coming off you right back at your body. Black absorbs and wicks heat and moisture instead of reflecting it back at your body as white does and by wearing looser black clothes, it keeps the absorbed heat away from you, keeping you cooler.

Second, it looks so chic. The key in warm weather is to pair it with accessories in white - lots of pearls, or gold - gold jewelry, naturals - wicker and raffia, or vibrant colorful accessories - everything goes with black - think pink, green, light blue, whatever you like. If you want to go all black, opt for black patent leather accessories. 

The look is understated, elegant, and dramatic. Here are some options I love for Spring and Summer.

Sunny Flower Dress in Black

Charming Caftan in Aster Print

Ruffle Hem Slip Dress in Oversized Gingham

Black Sleeveless Charlie Dress

Black Tweed Jackie Dress

Black Merritt Knit Dress

Black Guipure Lace Blythe Dress

Black Mini Carolina Caftan

Black Carolina Caftan


  1. As a former New Yorker now living in SW Florida, I can never give up my love of black. I spotted a woman in Publix one day wearing white pants and a black tunic top. She looked so chic I had to stop her and tell her how much I loved her look. She said it was her Florida uniform: white bottoms and black tops with splashes of color in her sandals or handbags. Timeless style.

  2. I'm with you on loving and missing the black I wore a lot in the cities we've lived in. Since moving to Florida ten years ago, I've rarely chosen to wear it. When I do, I feel like a big black hole in the pastel landscape. Though in the past, I've never been bothered by standing out in a crowd...I'm feeling a need to change that. Love these breezy black looks!