Monday, February 13, 2023

Statement Rings

Frances Valentine

I love statement jewelry and especially statement rings that are also called cocktail rings.

What is a cocktail ring? The cocktail ring is a large, dramatic, and pronounced piece of jewelry historically worn on the middle finger or fourth finger of the right hand. A modern look is to wear it on either hand and wearing more than one on any finger you like.

Here are some great options.

Domed Cabochon Ring in Coral and Green

Cabochon Ring in Turquoise and Coral

Cluster Ring in Aqua, Peridot, and Pink

Wide Abstract Ring in Midnight Navy and White

Appletini Ring

Aperol Spritz Ring

Wide Abstract Ring in White

Enamel Palette Ring Available in Four Colors

Dalila Round Statement Ring in Aqua

Sapphire Gem Ring

Gold Dome Ring

And how to wear them - 









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  1. My mother-in-law always called them cocktail rings, and I have several of hers which I love wearing not only because they're fabulous, but they also remind me of her.💝 I just may have to add the FV gold dome ring to my collection!😍