Sunday, January 1, 2023

Happy New Year 2023!

New Year's Eve Sarasota, Florida

Happy New Year everyone. And yes, Sarasota drops a pineapple at midnight. How fun is that? It was a picture perfect night here - warm, clear, and with the skies lit up with fireworks in every direction.

Does anyone do New Year's resolutions? I saw a survey that just came out on New Year's resolutions. Do you know what is number one this year? Therapy. It topped the list in twelve states including here in Florida. The data was compiled by Google Trends. Here they are so you can check your state. Therapy is obviously a serious issue precipitated in part by the pandemic. But a few states made me chuckle - topping the list in South Dakota is Quit Drinking. And number one in New Mexico is Get A Raise. Number one in Arkansas is Read More - meanwhile their education system is the 9th worst state in the nation.

Alabama – Weight loss

Alaska – Better Sleep

Arizona – Therapy

Arkansas – Read More

California – Dating

Colorado – Meet New People

Connecticut – Therapy

Delaware – Weight loss

District of Columbia – Dating

Florida – Therapy

Georgia – Read More

Hawaii – Dating

Idaho – Weight training

Illinois – Dating

Indiana – Weight loss

Iowa – Save Money

Kansas – Better Sleep

Kentucky – Weight loss

Louisiana – Therapy

Maine – Therapy

Maryland – Therapy

Massachusetts – Vacation

Michigan – Dating

Minnesota – Therapy

Mississippi – Save Money

Missouri – Therapy

Montana – Weight training

Nebraska – Weight training

Nevada – Dating

New Hampshire – Vacation

New Jersey – Therapy

New Mexico – Get A Raise

New York – Therapy

North Carolina – Read More

North Dakota – Save Money

Ohio – Weight loss

Oklahoma – Meet New People

Oregon – Better Sleep

Pennsylvania – Therapy

Rhode Island – Weight loss

South Carolina – Read More

South Dakota – Quit Drinking

Tennessee – Therapy

Texas – New Job

Utah – Dating

Vermont – Weight loss

Virginia – Read More

Washington – Better Sleep

West Virginia – Weight loss

Wisconsin – Vacation

Wyoming – New Job

 Were you surprised by your state? Any resolutions? I have none this year. There is nothing I want to change. I'm just looking forward to another great year here, and another year of Chinoiserie Chic - I am coming up on 14 years of Chinoiserie Chic this Spring. Thank you all for following and the happiest of New Years.