Sunday, January 8, 2023

A Breath of Spring

Faux Maple Tree

I was in Target yesterday and their garden shop was open here with lots of beautiful faux trees. I have added several artificial trees here at CCC and absolutely love them. Faux trees are like artificial Christmas trees - both have come so far in recent years and look so real! If you are in the throws of winter where you live, what better way to add a breath of spring to your home?

All these ship free to your home - some are only available online or may not be available in your local Target.

This 6 foot maple tree is so delicate and elegant and will not take up a lot of room.

Threshold with Studio McGee 72" Artificial Maple Tree

Threshold with Studio McGee 72" Artificial White Oak Tree

Threshold with Studio McGee 72" Artificial Triangle Ficus Tree

Threshold with Studio McGee 72" Artificial Banyan Tree

Threshold with Studio McGee 76.5" Artificial Olive Tree

These containers look quite good - many artificial trees come in those black plastic pots. I personally love faux trees in large baskets. You can make the tree look even taller elevating it by placing bricks or old books on the bottom of the basket and then securing the tree by stuffing garbage bags around it and top it all with moss.

I saw this basket yesterday and it is beautiful. It would be great with any of these trees or perhaps with one you already have. It looks very French. It would also be perfect for storing blankets or pillows.

Large Rattan Weave Tapered Basket


  1. Great ideas, especially for this time of the year.

  2. Over the years I’ve had many faux trees in my homes. But I’m having difficulties finding realistic versions of great big tropical palm tree leaves for my getaway beach home. Those tend to look plastic-y. I love that look for coastal vibes, though. Real ones would thrive and be preferable except that I’m not here all the time to care for them properly. Let me know if you dig up some great looking fakes!

    1. Are you asking about just palm fronds, not an entire palm tree?