Friday, December 30, 2022

The Epiphany

Downton Abbey

 It is funny what a hot button topic this is. I saw on Instagram a very popular social influencer saying that she had taken down her Christmas tree and put away all Christmas decorations the day after Christmas. She got lots of comments with people agreeing that they couldn't wait until Christmas was over to take it all down.

I suspect these folks may have some OCD issues. Or their Christmas decorations are in serious need of an upgrade. LOL. I am the polar opposite. I think homes never look as beautiful as when they are decorated for Christmas. I think the house looks a bit sad and empty when it all comes down. But then, I am a maximalist.

Other people take their tree and decorations down on New Year's Day. What? No football games?

I was brought up that you leave the tree up until the Epiphany. I have always loved the tradition of it and that it extends the season.

What is this tradition?

Christian tradition says you should take down the tree on the 12th night of Christmas, also known as the Eve of Epiphany. The Eve of Epiphany, also called Three Kings' Day, marks the day when the three kings or 'wise men' came to see the baby Jesus in Bethlehem and proclaimed him king. Epiphany falls on January 6th. Since that's a Friday, either that day or that weekend would be perfect timing. 

I love that this practice is steeped in history and tradition, as well as that of my own family.

But since all good things must end, here are some options for storing your beautiful decorations so they are safe and sound and ready for next year. I love the idea of a matching set of Christmas storage pieces. Like matching luggage!

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This large Christmas ornament box holds 128 ornaments.

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This tree storage bag holds up to a 9' tree and is also available in four colors,

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And a matching box for Christmas lights available in four colors.

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There are hundreds of holiday storage options - if you'd like to explore yourself click here.

And if you like wrapping your beautiful ornaments, please no paper towels, newspaper, or regular tissue paper. Use acid free tissue paper. Also great for storing linens, flatware, etc.

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  1. I'm with you Beth. Here in Chicago it is so dark that we love to keep the tree up until the end of February. We put it up a few days before Christmas and then enjoy the festive lights through the dead of winter.

  2. I believe the reason people take down their Christmas the day after is because they’re now putting it up before Halloween!

  3. In my family, we've traditionally taken the Christmas tree down on New Year's Day. I'm not sure why, except that was my mother's call, and if we had a New Year's Eve party, leaving it up until January 1st just made things more festive. We always bought a real tree around the very first part of December, so after about a month it looked pretty dried out and sad. I do love all things Christmas - the tree, the lights, the decorations, but after it is taken down, everything is packed away and cleaned up, I do like the feeling of calm after all the festivities.

  4. Yes, artificial trees have changed worrying about the tree drying out and dropping needles and becoming a fire hazard.

  5. Growing up we also left the decorations up until Epiphany and then the next day we celebrated my parents anniversary. They were married for fifty-nine year so the tradition is pretty well ensconced in our family. I agree that when all has been packed away, there is less light and more stillness. Happy New Year and thank you,