Friday, December 16, 2022

The Christmas Chinoiserie Dining Room

Alex Papachristidis

The Upper East Side of Manhattan apartment of interior designer Alex Papachristidis has always been a favorite of mine. Here is the plum dining room adorned for the holidays. The deep red roses and amaryllis are perfect examples of my taste in floral arrangements. First, I love using a lot of one type of flower in one color. I think it is far more elegant. And I love leaving flower stems long like this. Much more dramatic.

Publix had gorgeous peonies yesterday - peonies in December - how cool. I think I will do a huge arrangement in a blue and white ginger jar for Christmas.

I love the shell encrusted bust. I have been meaning to try my hand at a DIY of this - I guess it will be a 2023 project. My HomeGoods alway has lot of busts and seashells are of course in abundance here.

Christa's South Seashells in West Palm Beach does absolutely extraordinary things with seashells. Click here.

Encrusted Apollo Bust

This bust looks very similar and is $36 with free shipping.

Apollo Bust

I wish I had a spot for this seashell mirror.

Marigot Seashell Mirror

I posted several years back this seashell and bone encrusted bust in a dining room decorated for the holidays. This is the home of the owner of And George in Charlottesville.

And George

Alex Papachristidis' newest book is wonderful and would make a great Christmas gift. (Be sure to apply the $10.60 coupon available today).

The Elegant Life : Rooms That Welcome and Inspire

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