Tuesday, December 6, 2022

The Blue and White Pagoda @ Christmas

Grace Frederick Design

I have this blue and white pagoda and love it. It is such a classic for the lover of chinoiserie. It looks wonderful here on a mantel combined with Christmas greenery and a poinsettia. 

I am not a huge poinsettia fan. The only ones I have seen and really loved were topiary versions, but then I like topiaries in any form. Poinsettias have long been said to be poisonous to pets and children, but there is no truth to this at all. At the worst, ingestion could cause mild stomach upset, but nothing more. But this vignette is quite lovely combined with the boxwood garland and a topiary in a silver cachepot.

This gorgeous pagoda is on sale right now (on clearance at 50% off). And use code 1222FS to get free shipping! It is an impressive 30" tall and is lovely on a mantel, sideboard, entryway table, or wherever, either singly or in pairs.

Blue and White Pagoda

Topiaries are plentiful this time of year in garden centers, florists, and grocery stores in plants like ivy, rosemary, and eugenia and look wonderful on a mantel, sideboard, kitchen window, or entryway table. These cachepots are all great options.

Bunny Williams Hart Cachepot

Bunny Williams Silver Wire Cachepot

Bunny Williams Woodbridge Cachepot

The boxwood garland looks like a preserved one. A good choice, because fresh boxwood garlands dry out immediately indoors and look awful. Here are a couple of preserved boxwood choices.

Preserved Boxwood Garland


  1. My Frontgate pagoda arrived today and I absolutely love it!! Thank you so much for highlighting it on your blog and the free shipping code. I've gleaned so many good buys from your blog going back in years to a metal/bamboo chinoiserie stool from JC Penney (I think). It's been upholstered in chinoiserie blue and white and sits by my front door. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And thank you!!

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I love it too. And the stool is from JC Penney and I have it too upholstered in blue and white. Thank you for your comment.