Friday, December 23, 2022

A Chic New Year's Eve @ Home

Horst P. Horst, Vogue, 1965

I  think many of us prefer to stay in New Year's Eve, and to me, a fancy pajama outfit is the perfect thing to wear. Comfy yet festive, perfect for staying at home in style. Here are some of my favorites. I will also be posting over the next week on my favorite Champagne cocktails and fun NYE decorating ideas.

Lauren Red Silk Quilted Pajama Set

Long Silk Pajama Set

Polka Dot Silk Pajama Set

Sleeveless Silk Feather Trim Pajama Set

Long Sleeve Cotton Pajamas in Red Stripe

Long Sleeve Cotton Poplin Pajamas in Black Stewart Tartan

Ume Satin Floral Caftan

French Kiss Ostrich Trim Mini Dress

Two Piece Metallic Lounge Set

Two Piece Mulberry Silk Tunic and Pants Set

Party Feather Embellished Pajama Set

On your feet, opt for cute but comfy shoes like some sparkly Rothy's.

The Point in Diamond Metallic

The Point in Silver Metallic

The Point in Black Shimmer

The Flat in Light Gold Metallic

The Flat in Silver Metallic

The Flat in Black Shimmer


  1. The PJ's are fun. The ensemble in the Horst photograph is just gorgeous. I miss the fact that people don't dress up anymore. Enough with the torn jeans already!

    1. I dress up every day. Down here I am in a very small group - LOL.

  2. Elegance like this needs a comeback.

  3. I love the PJ's idea! I love that Horst photo as well! The model is so elegant with her nails and that cromandel screen!