Sunday, November 20, 2022

My New Favorite Candle

Orange Blossom

A dear friend sent me a candle this week and I burned it yesterday for the first time and I was in absolute heaven. My house smells amazing. The candle is by Draper James, the brainchild of actress and southerner Reese Witherspoon. Draper James celebrates the charm and grace of the American South.


Orange Blossom Special Candle

It's made in South Carolina and has a burn time of 60-65 hours. If you have never smelled orange blossom, it is quite fabulous. 

"I'm going to let you in on a little-known perfume secret: When a floral perfume smells particularly delectable, it's likely due to the addition of one note. That note is orange blossom, and when it's added to fragrances, they morph into something truly delectable. 

Orange blossoms are gorgeous white flowers that bloom on bitter orange trees. They've been blended into perfumes for centuries, and have even been touted as an aphrodisiac. Orange blossoms work so well in perfumes because their scent is so complex—they don't just smell floral, but they also have notes of citrus, honey, and even greenery. Orange blossom oil (also known as neroli oil) is really potent and a little goes a long way, so perfumers consider it a specialty oil."

(from Who What Wear)

It is indeed a complex fragrance, it reminds me of jasmine, but richer and more subtle. It is an extremely expensive extract, generally used only in high priced perfumes. This candle is very much like the Jo Malone Orange Blossom Candle that sells for $75, more than twice the price. For those of you who love Fracas perfume as I do, this reminds me of it. Fracas has orange blossom in it.

This candle would make a lovely Christmas or hostess gift. I would add a plasma lighter. I could not live without this wonderful little gadget that replaces matches and butane and disposable lighters. It charges with an included USB cable and one charge lasts for about 60 candle lights.

I have a Reidea and recommend it. It's available in many colors.

Reidea Plasma Lighter in Sky Blue

A lovely candle is one of my favorite gifts to give or to receive. I burn candles every single day. My daughter and I enjoy comparing notes on our favorites and love sharing new finds.


  1. As always, great tips! Do you have any great ideas for a red tartan and blue/white chinoiserie holiday? I bet you do!

    1. If you search in my sidebar, I have done many posts on tartan, but will plan an upcoming post too.

  2. I agree. The scent of orange blossom in intoxicating. Thank you for introducing me to this candle, Beth.

  3. I have bought every candle you have recommended and have never been disappointed. I just ordered two of the above, one for me and one as a gift. Thank you as always!

  4. Thank you, Beth! I had to order some of 30% off how could I not???!!!! Can't wait for them to arrive!!! Happy Thanksgiving!