Friday, October 21, 2022

Christmas Tree Collars


What Is a Tree Collar?

A tree collar is a sturdy circular base that wraps around the bottom of the tree, effectively hiding the tree stand out of sight. It gives the illusion that your Christmas tree is resting inside a woven basket or metal basin, yet the tree collar doesn't have a bottom, so it won't collect water if you have a fresh tree.

If you've ever had a fabric Christmas tree skirt, then you already know what a magnet certain fabrics can be for pine needles, dust, and pet hair. 

I have rounded up some of my favorites, all at great prices. Click on the captions to link.

Large Round Tapered Sweater Weave Christmas Tree Collar

Chevron Weave Christmas Tree Collar

Split Willow Christmas Tree Collar in Red

Seagrass and Hyacinth Christmas Tree Collar

Spilt Willow Christmas Tree Collar in Black

Large Round Tapered Tree Collar in Cream and Black

Studio McGee Rattan Woven Tree Cuff

Studio McGee Chunky Weave Tree Collar

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