Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Chilly Florida Faves

Amanda Lindroth

A rare chilly day here in South Florida. I have actually turned off my ceiling fans for the first time in months. This little cold snap - only 67 degrees today -  has me in the mood for my favorite wintry items.

First up is a favorite candle I plan to burn today - Thyme's Frasier Fir. This is the favorite holiday candle of many, filling your home with a forest fragrance with its mix of crisp Siberian Fir needles, heartening cedarwood and relaxing sandalwood. These get harder to find closer to the holidays as they are very popular.

Thyme's Frasier Fir Candle

Another candle I have loved for ages is Trapp's Siganture Orange Vanilla. This is my go-to cold weather candle.

Trapp #4 Orange Vanilla

Get an electric candle lighter in red for the holidays. If you don't already have an electric lighter, they are a game changer. No flame, no butane, no matches. Comes with a USB cable to recharge - 500 ignitions per charge.

Electric Lighter

Curl up with a great book or binge watch TV wrapped in one of my favorite ChappyWrap blankets. They come in dozens of wonderful patterns. Their classic herringbone is now available in lots of colors including this new lavender. Also check out their new herringbone shawls.

Harborview Herringbone Lavender Blanket

Check out all the ChappyWraps here. Stay warm if you too are experiencing this cold snap.


  1. LOL! 67 degrees? We are already down to 40 here in the Northeast. I would love 67! Thanks for the tip about the electric lighter and the new ChappyWrap color!

    1. It's all relative - LOL. Chilly for here in October!