Thursday, October 27, 2022

A Favorite Christmas Candle - It's Back!

Forest Fir Candle

I bought a boatload of these candles last holiday season and I am almost out I love this candle so much. (I burn it all the time). And it's back so I can stock up again. I am so happy!

The container is gorgeous. The candle is very long burning. Your home will smell like a fresh Christmas tree even if your tree is artificial. This has the scent, burn time, and throw of much more expensive candles like Thymes Frasier Fir that it reminds me of. I love this three wick version above because it burns forever and scents my entire home. Free shipping with orders of $35. Trust me and stock up on this one for yourself, for gift giving, stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, and Secret Santas. This is as nice a candle as those many times in price.

Here are the options it comes in. Click on the captions to link. I love the 3 wick, but there are many lovely choices starting at $5.

Forest Fir Three Wick Candle in Green Glass

Forest Fir Three Wick Candle in Clear Glass

Forest Fir 2 Wick Figural Tree Candle Trimmed in Gold

Forest Fir Velvet Boxed Candle

Forest Fir Ornament Candle

Small Forest Fir Candle in Green Glass

Small Forest Fir Candle in Clear Glass

Forest Fir Green Tin Candle

Forest Fir White Tin Candle

And get one of these fantastic electric lighters - 600 lights on a single charge - it recharges with an included USB cable. Available in your choice of colors. No more matches, butane, or landfill disposable lighters!

Electric Lighter


  1. I also bought a “boat load” of the candles last season on your recommendation. They are great!! I tuck one inside gift bags for friends. My son just asked me earlier this week if I had any left - he has three teenage boys so great candles are a must, lol!!

  2. On my way to Target today! These look like great little Christmas presents.