Saturday, August 27, 2022

On the Topic of White

1968 Morris Minor Convertible

My very first car was a British Morris Minor convertible like the one above in white with a black interior. That was my only white car to date. Well, I think I have come full circle. 

On Monday I will be picking up my Glacier White Metallic Audi A4 with black leather interior. 

My new Audi

I had planned on getting an Audi A4 Allroad, but there were none in the entire state of Florida and ordering one was going to be 8 +/- months. I starting thinking about how it could be even longer if China were to invade Taiwan or there is another Covid flair up and China shuts down again. So my salesman tracked down an A4 Quattro (not an Allroad) with all the options I wanted in Naples, Florida. It is getting shipped up here this weekend and detailed and coated and I will pick her up on Monday morning.

I know many of you suggested a light interior. I happen to love black leather interiors. With my two dogs and always hauling plants, it doesn't show any dirt. I also love the contrast of the white with black. And I found that the vast majority of dealers order black interiors because it is the most popular, so it is much harder to find light interiors unless you special order. And the other leather colors on this model were not compelling.

So it has been a crazy and stressful few days, but all's well that ends well. Audi Sarasota has been wonderful to work with. 

I am already thinking about what coco mats to get. If you want the best car mats on the market, check theirs out - They are a modern version of the beautiful coco mats that graced classic cars like Porsche, Mercedes Benz, and the like back in the day. My father was a total car nut and I remember many of his cars with coco mats. But these have a strong rubber backing and do not shed like those did.

I am thinking the black with white coco mats would look great.

Black with White Coco Mats


I ordered a few samples and they should be here soon.

I have their black with red coco mats in my current Audi and they look brand new - I think they are about 5 years old.

So I now have a white house and a white car. I have gone full scale South Florida for sure. What's next?

And speaking of white, white shirts for women are a big fashion trend for this fall. You will be seeing classic white shirts and also designer versions with interesting details.

Town and Country

This J.Crew Classic Fit Washed Cotton Poplin Shirt below is such a classic. Wear it with jeans or a ballgown skirt - it always looks great. Available in petite, classic, or tall in lots of sizes.

J.Crew Classic Fit Washed Cotton Poplin Shirt

A fabulous juxtaposition of a white button-down shirt with feather trimmed cuffs.

Collection Cotton Poplin Shirt with Feather Trim

A great staple - 

White Long Sleeve Essentials Shirt

This is a great budget version - 

GAP 100% Organic Perfect Shirt

And some white chinoiserie picks - 

Large White Ginger Jar

Set of Three White Pagodas

Bamboo Fretwork Party Bucket

Enjoy your weekend - I am taking the weekend off and relaxing. Monday will be interesting learning all the new technology on the car - I read that 40% of the cost of a new car is all the technology. New cars would average $24,000 instead of $45,000 without it. And according to a JD Powers study, 61% of people do not even use these options. Mine even has a virtual cockpit in addition to the computer screen on the dash. It looks like an airplane! Do you all like all the technology on your car?

Audi Virtual Cockpit

P.S. - Not white, but I just saw this. This wonderful pagoda is on clearance at a fabulous price! This is a gorgeous piece - I have seen it in person. Please note it is a pagoda even though they call it a tulipiere - I told customer service to no avail. This will likely sell out at this price.

Blue Ming Pagoda


  1. I bought a new car this year as well. Black and black. I wanted the new safety features but not all the rest of the stuff. I consider it just more things that could break. Could you please elaborate on the coating you got? Enjoy your new car.

    1. My current Audi is black on black and I love it, but not very South Florida alas. I agree on all the features just being more things to break. The dealer is throwing in a coating. I am researching ceramic coatings, but have not decided on it as it is very expensive, I have an unlimited car wash, and my car is always garaged.

  2. Congratulations on the new Audi. My mother taught me to drive on her beloved 5000. I just purchased the Coco Mats for my new BMW. It's a smart move to order the samples. They are chic, practical and timeless. Enjoy the ride!

  3. Best shirts are from Ayr.

  4. WOW - you did switch it up ;) Hope you'll be pleased with your new wheels - Vroom, Vroom - - - LOL

  5. Congratulations on your new Audi. (God forbid that China should invade Taiwan! We'll all say a prayer that it does not happen.) New cars are so much fun. Personally I think Audi makes some of the best looking cars on the road. I love the black with white dots Coco mat you chose. Recently I had a very small accident and had to take my car in for some body work. I purposely rented a 2022 SUV. I loved all the new technology, but even with the camera, I did not care for the blind spots on both sides of the rear of the car. I had never driven an SUV before, and when I looked around, they all seem to have them, so an SUV will not be in my future.

    The classic, vintage blue car you posted not too long ago stills call out to me Beth. Yesterday I saw a woman driving a new BMW in that exact color. It was gorgeous! I think that will have to be my next car.

    1. I am not an SUV fan at all - I don't care for the way they look or drive. My BMW was a Model 2002 (not the year) in the seventies. It was an ice blue. I am not aware that BMW has that color now unless it was custom. What model was it?

    2. I once drove a friend's Range Rover, and loved sitting up high, although I found the seats to be horribly uncomfortable. I'm sorry to say, I did not make note of the model of the car, Beth, only that it was a four door sedan. I didn't approach her about it, and now I wish I had. She may have had it custom painted.

    3. I'll do some research and see what I find.

  6. I ordered the car floor mats when you suggested them perhaps two years ago. LOVE them! Great recommendation. My MB is red, so I ordered black with red dots.

    1. I have black with red now and love them. Those mats are stunning which is unbelievable for "car mats."

  7. What coating did you get for your car?

    1. The dealer is doing one, but I am going to research whether or not to do a ceramic coating.

  8. I love your car. I didn't comment before because it is absolutely none of my business but I don't find the All road models attractive at all. This model Audi is beautiful! We are Mercedes people and just realized we don't need an SUV anymore and plan to sell ours and replace it with a coupe. Enjoy and I am sure you will smile every time you see it!

    1. Thanks - people have very definite opinions on cars. I loved the Allroad and would have preferred it.