Wednesday, April 6, 2022

The Joy of Organizing

Livy File Box

On my list of To Do projects was to go through files and purge everything no longer needed, including lots of tax files, business files, and such. In the past in NOVA, there were monthly free shredding events in the county where I lived that I would take advantage of. I had always assumed that buying my own shredder would be too expensive, heavy, take up too much space, and such.

I did some research and found one that is highly rated, small, and cheap. I ordered it from Amazon and received it a couple of days ago. It is electric and no assembly is required. You literally just plug it in and shred away. I have already shredded many hundreds of documents and it is so much fun. Seriously. Thousands of pieces of paper end up as a bag of fluffy shreds that go right into my recycling bin. I had to share this. I am getting rid of tons of papers I no longer need safely with no fear of identity theft. It is so small, the size of a small wastebasket, that I can keep it in my fold down desk in the study where I keep my printer. It also shreds CDs and credit cards. Click on the captions to link.

Amazon Basics Paper, CD, and Credit Card Shredder

It is such a good feeling getting rid of all of those boxes from my garage. So many people keep tons of files that are no longer needed. When my husband died, his offices had thirty five years of files that he had never purged and it took me literally dozens and dozens of hours to go through it all. That definitely made my realize how important it is to stay on top of it in my home. I have been able to reduce files in my home to a small fraction of what it was. Organization is essential to having a beautiful home.

What is left will be organized in two ways. Files that I need stored will go in a few banker's boxes.

For my working files, I ordered a new box of hanging files in navy blue. They are available in lots of fun colors like pink, yellow, orange, teal, burgundy, blue, violet, red, and green. 

Pendaflex Recycled Hanging Folders

I am deciding on a nice looking file box that will have all my current files in my study. Here are a few options.

Acrylic and Brass Livy File Box

Rolling File Cabinet

Acrylic Desktop File

Wood File Box

White Wood File Box

I also took a carload of things to ReStore and to Goodwill, so my garage is all ready for some serious organizing and sprucing up. I have pivoted to this garage project as my painter is still recovering from Covid, so my outdoor house painting is still up in the air. My kitchen project is nearing completion with the island getting delivered next week and the Bosch dishwasher due any day. I also ordered the ceiling fans I posted on a few days ago and hope to schedule the electricians for next week. The projects never end!


  1. I love your energy & creativity Beth. No dust under your feet!! Your projects inspire me to start working on mine & my mothers home (86 with 55+ years of accumulation in same home) UGH!! The generation of saving everything for a rainy day - its pouring here lol !!!

    Thank you for your wonderful blog. You & coffee are my wakeup routine. Cheers!

    1. Having had a couple of men in my life with hoarder tendencies, I have become the opposite. My attic and garage are empty and it feels wonderful.

  2. I need this! Whenever I visit my dentist's or doctor's office these days, everything is so clean and absent of clutter because everyone has gone paperless. I work from home, and am fortunate to be able to have a dedicate room as my office space, so I can close the door and leave my "office". It's so nice to keep everything neat, pretty and out of view. My office definitely needs to be Marie Kondo-ized!

    Love the Livy file box.

    1. I think I will order the Livy file box - I haven't seen anything else this nice.

  3. Love all these file boxes. Where I live, you can’t put shredded paper into the recycle bin. It has to go in the trash. I agree that the act of shredding feels very freeing!

    1. Yes, disposal of shredded paper varies depending on your location. My recycling bin here is always full and my garbage is almost empty.