Thursday, April 28, 2022

Maxi or Mini?

Frances Valentine


I think it's really fun seeing this dress in both a mini and maxi version. I love both lengths here in Florida, although I am tending to wear maxis more because I have so embraced caftans. Do you tend to wear short or long dresses or both?

Goldie Tunic Peony Garden in Green

Goldie Tunic Peony Garden in Navy

Delightful Caftan Peony Garden in Navy

They just got the caftan in this medium blue that I absolutely love.

Delightful Caftan Peony Garden in Blue

This great dress also comes in a mini and maxi version.

Mags Windowpane Mini Dress in Trumpet Floral

Mags Maxi Bird is the Word

Lots of women who are petite think they can't wear maxi's - to the contrary, it gives a long line that is quite flattering. And for me the trick with mini's is to choose ones that are a little looser in the body and a bit more covered up in the sleeves and neckline to stay elegant.

I also have a necklace to share. With statement dresses like these lots of people pass on a necklace. I personally love the look of adding a bold statement necklace like this one. And the price is great.

Cream Catena Necklace


  1. Love this designer!

  2. There's another collaboration with Bella Bliss this year and some adorable Mommy and Me Frances Valentine choices. Even a few things for boys. They have the best sales too! One of my favorite sources for children's clothing.

    1. I love FV. I grabbed more caftans on their last big sale.

  3. I absolutely want to start wearing caftans and putting my hair in a turban - so very 40's! Unfortunately, the weather in Seattle somehow just doesn't lend itself to that style - I think I have to wait till I move to a warmer clime...

    1. It would hide your hair - I've always thought my hair would be a mess all the time with all the rainy weather.