Saturday, April 2, 2022

Ceiling Fans with Style - Seriously!

Savannah Kay Designs

Ceiling fans are a necessary evil in the South. They are very energy efficient, using very little energy themselves, allowing you to turn up your thermostat and save on your utility bills. Ceiling fans can save you 15% to 30%. I think ceiling fans use to be butt ugly, but I find many today much better looking than the days of old when they were heavy and clunky eyesores.

I was searching yesterday online for ceiling fans for my three bedrooms. I want something with a touch of modern, a bit of vintage, timeless, and elegant. I don't want industrial, but I also don't want those chunky ugly generic ones you see in all the big box stores. I think I have found three that fit the bill perfectly.

All three are white and brass. The white will blend in nicely with my white ceilings and the brass will go well with all the brass and gold in my home. I personally prefer white assuming you have white ceilings as they disappear more. The brass gives them an elegant and more formal vibe.

The fan above is the Hunter Hepburn.

"With its vintage-inspired round globe light, the Hepburn's design captures the essence of the 1920s while embracing modern touches. Create the ideal ambiance with the energy-efficient, dimmable LED bulb and get whisper-quiet performance and ultra-powerful air movement with the reversible, three-speed WhisperWind® motor. The contemporary finish will fit famously in your formal yet modern bedroom, but the simplicity and thoughtful proportions of the Hepburn chandelier ceiling fan will make it the perfect centerpiece of any space! The Hepburn modern ceiling fan is available in a variety of finishes including Modern Brass and Satin Copper."

I love it in the Modern Brass. It is available in a 44" and 52" (width) depending on the size of your rooms. I recommend the 52" for anything but tiny bedrooms. Extension downrods are available for taller ceilings like mine. You want the ceiling fan to hang no lower than 7' and no higher than 9.' Over 9' you will not get good air flow.

Click on the captions to link.

Hunter Hepburn in Modern Brass

Here it is with a downrod. 

Hunter Hepburn in Modern Brass with Extension Downrod - available separately

This next one I really love with its low profile, but it is for 8' or 9' ceilings because it is a hugger or flushmount so it sits closer to the ceiling. I think it's very elegant. It is 52."

Fanimation Kwartet in Brushed Satin Brass with Matte White Blades

The last one is another Fanimation fan that works better than the Kwartet for my high ceilings as it has extension downrods in various sizes. It is 52."

Fanimation Kwad in Brushed Brass with Matte White Blades

I really like all three fans, but I think I am going for the first one - the Hunter Hepburn - I have had excellent luck with Hunter fans and I find them to be very quiet which is so important everywhere but especially in bedrooms. 
I should mention that all three have either remotes or wall controls - no more pulling those ugly cords to change the speeds or turn the light on and off.

I think these fans are quite elegant and will look wonderful in my home. I am thrilled to have found ceiling fans that I actually like. My operating theory with most things is that it is out there, you just have to find it.


  1. this post is everything! Ceiling fans have come a long long way. My orders are in. I have been hunting forever it seems. So, thank you bunches!

    1. So glad you like them. Mine are all arriving today!

  2. Three beautiful options! Do you have a go to guy in the Venice area for installation? Thank you.

    1. I only use licensed electricians for electrical work and have been very happy with Barrett's Electrical in Venice.

  3. Thank you for the recommendation. I will check them out.