Sunday, February 20, 2022

Sourcing Large Chinoiserie Planters

Mark D. Sikes

I often get questions about sourcing large chinoiserie planters for indoor trees (faux or real) that do not cost a fortune. Here are some favorites of mine, depending on your size requirement and your budget. 

J. Joern Cunningham

Blue and White Lion Drum Shaped Planter

Blue and White Dragon Planter

Floral Fishbowl Planter

Figurine Fishbowl Planter

Two Dragons Fishbowl

To me, it is really important to dress your plants whether real or faux with a generous topping of preserved moss. This is especially critical with faux plants. Those little cellophane packages of moss have a ridiculously small amount of moss. I always have on hand one of these three pound boxes. I also top all my outdoor topiaries with moss and they look gorgeous. Getting the moss by the box is way more economical. I did 8 large planters yesterday and have tons leftover.

3 Pounds of Preserved Moss

Wicker is so popular and these planters are a wonderful alternative at a very attractive price point and they are on sale. At 17" and 22" these are great for larger plants or trees.

Southport Rattan Planter Basket


  1. Good Morning, Beth. Thank you for the great sources. The photo of the entry by Cunningham is beautiful, Except (!) for the potted trees, which look unfinished. The too large nursery pots extending above the decorative planters just didn't look finished. I so agree with you that dressing the plants would have made a difference. Covering those protruding pots with moss would have made such a difference. Otherwise, a lovely entry. This just really bothered me! Thank you for all the wonderful inspiring posts. I order many of the items you showcase & in fact just received the Rowenta iron you recommended recently. Love it!

    1. So glad you like your iron. You are spot on as to the olive trees. I was trying to make the point subtly because I love the pots, the trees, the floors, the runner, and the entire foyer.

  2. The trees do look a little sparse. I'm not sure what kind of trees they are. They look a little like young olive trees, but most likely are not. I love indoor potted trees, but have not always had success with them. The entry hall is beautiful, and I ADORE that chaise of Mark's. I wonder what fabric the is.

    1. The trees are faux and yes, they are supposed to be young olive trees in Spring. I much prefer sparser faux trees and that is the look now. They take up less space and to me are more elegant. I often remove leaves from faux trees and plants because I usually find them too bushy. I should do a post on my tips for styling faux plants. I have lots of pointers. I personally love faux trees inside.

  3. Helpful advice, comments, ideas. Thank you! But I kind of like the pots sticking up a bit - adds some kind of authenticity and “imperfection,” that I am partial to. Not a fan of a too-perfect look.