Thursday, January 6, 2022

Chinoiserie Chic Sheets

Lilly Pulitzer Organic Bazaar Elephant Sheet Set


Do these darling Lilly Pulitzer sheets remind you of anything?

They are too cute and not just for a child's room. I am ordering a set for my guest bedroom that is black and white with pops of pink.

Lilly Pulitzer Bazaar Elephant Sheet Set

The Lilly Pulitzer Collection for PB Kids has been wonderful over the years. I got this gold palm tree chandelier (now sold out) for CCC and have it in my vestibule and it's a favorite piece. It is cast iron and hand finished with gold leaf and it was on sale for under $100!!!

Lilly Pulitzer Palm Tree Chandelier


  1. I love PB Kids. I discovered them accidentally (don't have kids and wouldn't have normally looked for anything there) and bought a darling mirrored organizer that sits in my bathroom and corrals make-up, skin care items, and brushes. Have found cute lamps and other decor in there since then.

    1. I actually prefer PBKids and PBTeen to Pottery Barn. They are fun and whimsical.