Monday, November 22, 2021

The Tiny Chinoiserie Christmas Tree

Southern Living


A small Christmas tree is a wonderful alternative to a large tree if you are short on space or just don't feel like the hassle of putting up a big Christmas tree. It's also a wonderful secondary tree for an entryway or another spot. 

Here a small live blue spruce is placed in a blue and white Chinese porcelain cachepot. Small white Christmas lights and an assortment of ornaments, velvet bows, and tassels complete the tree. Here are some ideas to create a tree inspired by this. You can add your own ornaments. A faux tree could of course be used instead. This is also a great spot for small wrapped gifts that get lost under a large tree.

Blue and White Chinese Porcelain Planter

Blue and White Chinese Lotus Planter

Faux Bamboo Cachepot

Set of 10 Navy Tassels

Aren't these the prettiest colors? My 3/$12 bunches from Publix yesterday.



  1. The tree looks so pretty. I'm going to have to try that and I love the velvet ribbon you linked.

    Does the chest it rests on look like a bad DIY?

    1. You are hysterical. I was thinking the same thing about the chest.

  2. This is so pretty, and what a lovely entry way greeting for guests, and for oneself. I had to laugh when I read Natasha's comment, so I went back to look at the chest. It appears to be a neoclassical piece, which initially I didn't notice, except for that beautiful shade of blue.

  3. The beauty with that paint job is the covers gouges and chips out of the veneer...and can always be refinished later.

  4. Is there a name for that octagonal (hexagonal?) style of planter/bowl in the lead image? I would love to find something similar!