Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Flameless Candles


I love flameless candles (battery operated candles) and use them all over my house in my hurricanes and lanterns, especially for the holidays. I like ones made of real wax as opposed to plastic with a remote and timer. Unfortunately, some are quite pricey. I found some last year and posted on them and got so many questions I thought I would mention them again.

 Yesterday I checked all of them and replaced the batteries with fresh ones and every single one is still working a year later.

Flameless Candles

These come in a set of 12 - they are LED, made of real paraffin wax, have a remote, and a timer you can set for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours. And get this - they are under $3.00 a piece. They take 2 AA batteries. BTW, I buy my AA batteries in bulk and have been very happy with the quality and price of the Amazon Basics.

Amazon Basics 48 AA Batteries



  1. I bought these last year at your suggestion - and totally agree. an A++++++ purchase.
    -linda, nyc

  2. I just ordered these candles in various sizes. Thank you for the recommendation.