Saturday, November 20, 2021

Classic Christmas Decorating

Fairfax House in York, England

I love the simple and natural Christmas decor in this beautiful foyer. This is a historic Georgian mansion that has been used for several movies. Miniature wreaths are hung from ribbons, a beautiful magnolia garland adorns the staircase bannister, and a topiary sits in a black wicker basket.

I may borrow some of this inspiration. Eugenia topiaries are all over Home Depot and Lowe's here in Florida and could be brought outside after the holidays. This black wicker basket would be perfect. Note that it is available in two sizes.

Wicker/Rattan Handled Basket

This set of mini preserved boxwood wreaths would work beautifully and could be reused every year.

Set of 6 Preserved Boxwood Mini Wreaths

This faux magnolia garland for the bannister gets great reviews.

6' Artificial Magnolia Garland

It is a gorgeous day here and I am going to start my outdoor Christmas lighting, but I'll wait to turn them on until Friday. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. 


  1. The Georgian mansion is simply gorgeous. I know that modern is very in vogue right now, but I happen to adore homes and building from earlier eras.

  2. I love a classical Georgian! Thanks for posting this gorgeous entry.

  3. I agree with Lisa one hundred percent. The Fairfax House is exquisitely decorated. Breathtaking.