Thursday, October 7, 2021

The Skirted Table

John Rosselli & Associates - NYC

This showroom is so pretty - a stunning combination of pink with blue and white Chinese porcelain and tropical foliage. I love a beautiful skirted table and the styling here is so well done. Note the use of a large blue and white ginger jar as a vase like I mentioned in yesterday's post. 

A great skirted table is a wonderful addition to your home - in an entryway, a living room, or a bedroom, especially styled with coffee table books and blue and white Chinese porcelain.

Elegant ready made table skirts are regrettably hard to source and custom made ones can cost $1,000 and up. I have rounded up a few that I love in 90" round which is the the most common size fitting a 30" round table with the skirt going to the floor. These can of course be used for circular dining tables as well.

This gorgeous block print in florals and pomegranate is available in three colors - here in a cornflower blue and white.

Couleur Nature Granada Handmade Cotton Tablecloth

The green colorway is also gorgeous.

Parrot Green

*** Tip - I use old flannel sheets as a liner under my table skirts - it makes them drape beautifully like they are interlined. And please don't use a glass topper - tacky! Right up there with plastic furniture covers which thankfully my parents never had.

This red tartan tablecloth is linen and cotton and would be wonderful for the holidays. 

Classic Tartan Tablecloth

This lovely tablecloth is 100% washed Italian linen in navy blue.

Italian Washed Linen Tablecloth

This timeless buffalo check tablecloth is available in four colors.

Buffalo Check Tablecloth

Here is an excellent version of the base for the skirted table. Very sturdy and great for storage. You need the 30" table for a 90" table skirt.

Essential Side Table

This is really nice - Schumacher's Iconic Leopard in green by Matouk. This is available in a 90" and a 108" round and is 100% linen.

Schumacher Iconic Leopard by Matouk

The iconic Citrus Garden is another amazing option. 100% linen and available in 90" and 108."

Schumacher Citrus Garden by Matouk


I am deciding on a couple of these - I have three skirted tables and love switching out the table skirts.


  1. Love a skirted table as well- Right now I moved my kitchen table to my bedroom (48" round ) and am using 2 off white matelesse coverlets as tablecloths - LOVE your choices. Thanks for timely blog post! :)


  2. Thank you for the "tip" about flannel sheets as liners! I lost my flannel liner and have been thinking about buying flannel and making a new one---but now you rescued me from hours of cutting and sewing...Merci, Merci

  3. Al Spok LOVE all the Tables. I need to do 1 or 2 for Christmas, also I LOVE going to John Rosselli New York ! it's Magic !! Thank you Beth for the Table Designs !

  4. John Roselli always did such beautiful things, and I believe his store is closed now, isn't it? Love the pomegranate in green, and oh my - it's at Pottery Barn! That's even better. I think your pink and white quilted looking table cloth with the pink stitching is just beautiful, Beth. I believe you've shown it before because I recall how much I loved it when I first saw it. Is it vintage? Is it a quilt that you've made into a table cloth? Thanks for the pretty skirted table post.

  5. One way to have a skirted table with a great but expensive fabric is to use a solid table skirt and have a wonderful square overlay. If you use a darker solid with a lighter overlay the contrast can really set off the more expensive fabric.

    1. I have never once seen this done well and moreover I think it looks very dated.

  6. Beth,
    How do you feel about mirrors on table tops. I have rectangle skirted night stands in my bedroom and had antiqued mirrors custom made for the tops to protect the fabric. I feel the mirrors are not as bad as the glass and the reflection from the lamps adds a different lighting aspect.

    1. It's a step up from glass, but is not something I would choose.

    2. I much prefer using a small tray on the bedside table.

  7. His antiques store in Manhattan is what closed - this is his showroom in NYC - he has four. My pink tablecloth is an Indian kantha. Thank you!

    1. Welcome, and thanks for the update on John Roselli's stores. (I wish he had one in the San Francisco bay area.)

  8. Interesting about the flannel. I think I have fleece batting on mine in the bedroom.

    1. I like that I can throw the flannel sheets in the wash periodically.

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