Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Scalloped Wicker

Caitlin Wilson

The scallop has long been popular in interior design. It is based of course on the scallop shell and is a series of repeating arcs. Scallops are classic, timeless, and whimsical and they are having a real moment in home decor of late. Scalloped wicker is my favorite use of scallops and paired with chinoiserie is a fabulous combination. I have rounded up some wonderful choices.

Set of Two Scalloped Baskets

Aerin Scalloped Wicker Frames

The next four wonderful pieces are from Serena & Lily and are 20% off now with code NEWSEASON.

Scalloped Wicker Pendant

Scallop Tray

Scallop Baskets

My own favorite - this scalloped table that an be used as a side table or a bedside table.

Scalloped Side Table


  1. I absolutely love wicker and I absolutely love scallops. (I couldn't begin to count the times I've used the word "love" while commenting on your blog posts, Beth.) I especially love the tray, baskets and side table from Serena & Lily. Is that a Soane Britain table in Caitlin Wilson's picture?

    1. I'm guessing it's Mainly Baskets' iteration of the Soane original, widely available to trade/retail in USA. MB has done a number of Soane "knockoffs" [is that fair, I don't know]. Soane's wraparound upper edge on the woven skirted console is less beefy than that of MB's version. Compare the versions on Instagram.

    2. Yes, thanks to both of you. It's a great console table.