Wednesday, August 11, 2021

I Finally Found It - A Ceiling Fan I Love

Honeywell Palm Island Ceiling Fan

I have been planning a post on ceiling fans for ages, but I feel like Goldilocks - they are either too boring, or too clunky, or too industrial, or too expensive. I have finally found a ceiling fan that I love and I am buying it for everywhere in my home.

I love a white ceiling fan that is fresh and crisp and bright and light and blends with the ceiling.

This has an LED light with a frosted cover and not those ugly shades and bulbs.

I love the breezy tropical island beachy look.

The palm frond blades are reversible - palm frond design on one side, wicker look on the other.

Three speeds and reversible.

Indoor/outdoor rated - can be used in a lanai, garage, breezeway, veranda, patio, balcony.

For medium to large rooms up to 350 square feet so can be used in the bedroom, living room, lanai, dining room, family room.

Three mounts - standard, angled, or flush.

It gets fabulous reviews.

It's made by Honeywell.

And it's $119.00 with free shipping - click here. If you don't want the light, it's only $94.00. And for a modern vibe, it comes in a dark bronze for $89.00.

BTW, when I was renovating the Sarasota house, I posted on a ceiling fan at Lowe's and it sold out nationwide after the post. I had two, but wanted more and it sold out before I could order. So I'm ordering these now. But since I'm out of that house thankfully, "not my circus, not my monkeys." 

I have been looking for a ceiling fan that checks all my boxes and this is it. Understated, elegant, and very well priced. I will replace all of mine with this.

Now that live in Florida, I understand why people in the South love their ceiling fans. I use mine 24/7. They feel wonderful and are so energy efficient - I keep my thermostat at 78 degrees and am saving a lot on energy costs all because of my ceiling fans. In NOVA sans ceiling fans my thermostat was always set to 72 in the summer.

My biggest decision will be whether to use the wicker side or the palm frond side. 

Wicker side

Palm frond side

This I believe is a lighting fixture and not a ceiling fan, but I have seen tutorials online on spray painting ceiling fans and would love to try painting one coral pink. Krylon makes a Watermelon Pink that looks close.

Amanda Lindroth

Krylon Watermelon Pink

I am headed to the Le Creuset outlet today and will report back.


  1. On the Le Creuset, I didn't get the chance to mention the other day, I find food looks more attractive in/on warmer colors that cooler colors. Picture beef stew in an orange bowl vs a cool blue bowl and you'll see what I mean. Good luck with your shopping - can't wait to see what amazing things you find!

    1. You don't eat out of the Le Creuset and I am definitely not a warm color person. And tons of china pattens are blue and white. I will report on Le Creuset tomorrow.

  2. I love this and the price is incredible!
    Regarding Le Creuset’s outlet sale: Beware online buying! I placed an order on a website identical to the real Le Creuset. But when I looked at my PayPal account, the transaction was in Asian letters. I knew I’d been taken. I contacted LeCreuset and was informed that they had received many calls and emails and were investigating. So awful. I’m sure I’m never going to see this money again. I do consider myself—or at least did—a very careful online shopper, but these crooks were very clever, running a sale at the same time as the real outlet. I love Le Creuset but please be very very careful with online orders.

    1. I, too, had that experience on the MYPROMOS website and paying by PayPal. I was finally able to resolve it by contacting PayPal Customer Service, the USPS, checking our home security cameras to prove nothing was delivered when they said (falsified!) it had been delivered. Too much indignation and hassle - I won't be using PayPal again. They sided with a fraudulent seller over a long time (honest!) customer. Credit Card companies are much better at spotting fraudsters and resolving things in your favor when you've been victimized.

    2. I agree with you. I haven't used Ebay or PayPal after an incident of my own. Both said one thing to me and then sided with the seller.

    3. Does anyone know if the credit card company would help as the PayPal account is attached to one? Prob not but just asking. Certainly glad I didn’t send along my real credit card though!

    4. Interesting info and worth knowing. Thank you, Anonymous and RicMil.

  3. Great find, great price!
    Perfect against a white ceiling.

  4. Al Spok LOVE THE WATERMELON PINK SPRAY PAINT ! got to get some !!

  5. It's a great fan, Beth, and I love that they have reversible blades. Personally, I like the wicker sides of the fan blades, but since you live in FL, the palm frond side may work better for you. You can always switch sides when you get tired of one.

  6. Living in very warm areas of CA, I would not want to live without ceiling fans. It just feels so nice to have a tropical breeze in the room. Sometimes the fan is all you need. I admire the gorgeous chandeliers but can't give up the fans!

  7. Beth, I have that fan and love it. It’s hot here in S.C. too, so mine runs all the time. The only downside is that all those little grooves are dust magnets and are a bear to clean!!!!

  8. Hi Beth. wondering if y9u know where the fan came from on the Lindroth post on this page? thanks, Carolyn

    1. As I said in the post, it is a lighting fixture, not a ceiling fan that I used to show colors one could spray paint a ceiling fan. There is no ceiling fan on the market like this.