Saturday, August 7, 2021

Greek Key

Greek Key Barbie via Worthpoint

You may recall that I recently posted that I discovered on Ancestry by researching my family tree that my father was Greek and from Santorini. He had kept this a secret for fifty years. You can read the post here. 

On my to do list and wish list since learning this has been to do a DNA test to learn more. I just received an email from Ancestry that their DNA testing normally priced at $99 is on a summer sale for $59. Click here to link to learn more.

Have you done DNA testing? Any interesting discoveries? Maybe I will find long lost cousins and travel to Santorini and drink Santorini wine and tour the Greek isles. Ancestry has the largest database so the highest chance you will find long lost relatives.


Santorini Wine

Santorini is one of my favorite wines and I think it is one of the greatest and most overlooked whites. It is dry, full bodied like a red, minerally, and citrusy. It's a bit hard to find since the Greeks wisely drink most of it, but well worth hunting for. Let me know if you try it.

These Estelle Colored Glass wine glasses are the perfect choice for serving Santorini (or any wine of course). You can click on the captions for more information or to purchase.

Estelle Stemless Wine Glasses in Royal Blue S/6

Estelle Stem Wine Glasses in Royal Blue S/6

Estelle Stem Wine Glasses in Cobalt Blue S/6

And this Peter Som blouse from my wardrobe would be perfect to wear.


On the topic of Santorini, I just had this original Kayce Hughes piece of art framed by Framebridge and the frame is called Santorini because it is glazed cobalt blue.

Santorini by Framebridge

I have had several pieces framed by Framebridge and could not be happier. Talk about easy. You order online, they have free design advice if desired, they send you everything you need to send your art to them with a prepaid label and mailer, and in very short order you get back a beautifully framed, beautifully packed piece all ready to hang (with free shipping and excellent prices).

Here is a closeup of the frame.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Have you noticed the number of Olympic medalists from Florida? Champa Bay.


  1. Beth, Love the new direction you are taking with the posts!! As a long-time follower it’s fun to see the blog evolving along with you in your new home as you flourish in your happy Florida lifestyle. Enjoy your new life!

  2. I look forward to your posts every day and love that you are adding some fashion, lifestyle, and such. It's more fun and interesting than ever. Thank you.

  3. Champa Bay. I love it!

    I've often thought of tracing my ancestry via DNA, but somehow have never gotten around to it. Decades ago, long before DNA testing existed, one of my aunts did a lot of research on my family's ancestry.

    1. You should do it now, the sale price is great. I know a lot about my mother's side, but not my father's.

  4. My brother did DNA testing and it turned out we had a small amount of African blood. I found this incredibly interesting but I wish my mother was alive to share this with her. She was big into genealogy and belonged to DAR, Colonial Dames, etc. Proves we are more alike than different.

    1. Fascinating. My mother was eligible for DAR, etc. but never had any interest in doing so, nor do I. My ex boyfriend thought he was 100% Italian and it turned out he had a lot of Arabic/Middle Eastern blood.

  5. Al Spok WOW WOW WOW Love it all !!