Friday, August 20, 2021

Chinoiserie Chic Accessories

Bimini Bamboo Bag

I love statement handbags and earrings and especially if they have Chinoiserie Chic style. I have found Chinoiserie Chic accessories that are seriously darling. All are on a 30% additional off End of Summer Sale (you will see the final price in your cart).  

I have been wanting this bamboo bag above. The pouch is removable and you can also use silk scarves or any pouch you have to change things up or to match your outfit. The anchor tassel is sold separately. Some favorites below - see all the sale offerings here. I have the ginger jar earrings below in both colors and love them!

Pink Pagoda

Tiki Clutch

Frida Straw Bag

Pineapple Pearl Earrings - in post or clip

Pagoda Earrings

Ginger Jar Earrings - in post or clip

Ginger Jar Earrings - in post or clip

Whitney Earrings


  1. Such fun pretty things. Too many to choose from and not enough places to wear them. Especially now. But still irresistible to posess, display and look at…like art.

  2. Ordered the darling straw bag with hot pink raffia and a monkey charm. Great deal - can’t wait to receive. Thank you for recommending!

  3. Love these! Thanks for introducing me to Lisi Lerch. I had never heard of them until now.

    1. My daughter turned me on to Lisi Lerch with the pagoda earrings that I have now in blue, pink, green, and yellow. I love her beachy chinoiserie vibe.