Monday, June 28, 2021

The Chinoiserie Bedroom

Shelley Johnstone - Frederic Magazine


This is another lovely room in interior designer Shelley Johnstone's Naples, Florida condo - the master bedroom. We previously looked at the dining room. I find it both beautiful and instructive on how to create a chinoiserie bedroom that is classic yet modern. Let's look at some of the elements.

Patterns abound here - I count five that we can see in this shot alone. What makes it work is that the color palette is soft and harmonious and the patterns are largely chinoiserie florals making it feel like a garden. 

I see the Rattan book on the side table - I just bought that for myself. Can you make out any other titles on her bedside table? LOL. I love peeking at what books people have. Here it is on my vintage wicker elephant in my foyer.


I forgot to show you the prettiest little stool from HomeGoods last week with the most luscious apricot silk velvet.


Getting back to the bedroom, Shelley designed the scalloped headboard to evoke ocean waves and an upholstered bed to alleviate a dust ruffle. Dust ruffles can look VERY dated. Want a great cost effective tip? I have beautiful Belgian linen box spring covers in white, cream, soft blue, and navy from Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn - a modern, cost effective, and elegant look to update your bed and lose the dust ruffle.

The bedding is interesting - it looks like a scalloped coverlet with a duvet on top - not sure how I like this????

I do like the simple white trimmed curtains that don't block the view or compete with it. 

The rug is textural and organic and a perfect choice.

The side tables are pretty and very practical with the two tiers - it looks like they even have a pullout shelf. 

All in all, a lovely chinoiserie bedroom. 

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And for those of you who freaked out over the blue kitchen range, here is a purple one for you!!!!!

Steve Gambrel - Architectural Digest


  1. Lovely bedroom! I agree that dust ruffles can look dated --- very 80's --- especially when they're super full. But I've seen some tailored matelasse bed skirts that hang straight down and I don't mind those.

    1. I like that style too but with high beds like I have they can be too short.

  2. You are so right about dust ruffles looking dated. I've removed them all in our house in Dallas, but still have some on the beds at our farmhouse. Your post gives me the encouragement I need to remove those.

  3. I do think the dust ruffles should go. I feel it's a little too busy for me. Love your new apricot stool. Thanks so much Beth for the shout out. Enjoy your week ahead.

  4. Very pretty bedroom. I love how the entire bed is upholstered - even the feet, and that coverlet fabric with the trailing blue flowers is lovely.

    Please tell me who makes that wonderful raffia fringed handbag, and where did you purchase it?

    I actually like the purple range and I'm not much of a purple person, but I especially like it with the grey marble mosaic tiles on the arched section, where the walls become the ceiling.

    Just out of curiosity, Beth, why did you switch from Feedburner to Mailchimp. I'm not a techy, so I'm very unfamiliar with all of that stuff.

    So much in today's post. Thank you, Beth.

    1. The handbag is by Kayu, a wonderful California company making ethical and sustainable accessories. I have about a dozen of their bags and wear them daily here - Chanel and Marc Jacobs seem out of place here. I did a post a few days ago that Feedburner is going away in July, so I needed to switch email subscription services. So far, I like Mailchimp very much.

  5. Such a great post today and so much eye candy. Love it all!