Monday, June 7, 2021

Art Inspiration

Suzanne Kasler


OK, I officially have art envy - a gallery wall of Slim Aarons. The coral pink is a stunning wall color and so Palm Beach. I love the idea of art ledges so the art can be moved around and switched out at will. Note the white frames - I have started framing everything in white - so fresh, clean, modern and perfect for a Florida beach house. The mini bar is so fun - I always find myself trying to see what booze bottles are on bars. LOL. The only hard pass is the potted "plants" that I find downright creepy. 


  1. The art ledges are such a brilliant idea!

  2. Not only does one have the flexibility of moving the art work around, but I love that the art shelves are painted the same color as the wall, so that they blend in, and you only notice the art. The mini bar is a fun idea. I agree with you on the "floral" selection. I'm not a fan of dried flowers or dead arrangements anyway. They definitely seem out of place here, and look as if they be would more fitting in a desert home or mountain retreat. I can't say that I especially like whatever that pale beige material is that is used on the seats and backs of the chairs, either. (What in the world is that?!)

    1. I agree with all your points - the chairs are by Suzanne Kasler BTW.

  3. Green plants or leaves would've looked so fresh with the coral walls. Agree, creepy.

  4. I agree. Green plants with those coral walls would be so pretty.