Tuesday, May 11, 2021

CCC North

Annapolis, Maryland

 I was so excited to find out yesterday that after only one weekend, my daughter and her SO are under contract on a gorgeous home in Annapolis, Maryland. With six bedrooms, six baths, and 6,000 square feet, it is a huge home with plenty of room for the pups and me to escape Florida for family time, sailing, crabs, and seeing friends in DC. And I am super excited to help with decorating the house. 

The home is a classic Georgian colonial but with an open floor plan and high ceilings, and will be wonderful with all her chinoiserie. Their long range plans include opening an antique store in Annapolis specializing in chinoiserie!

I see doggie life jackets in my future.



  1. Venice and Annapolis - that is living the life.

  2. May continued good fortune be hers. Fabulous news!

  3. That is exciting news. Would love to see photos of her home and decor if she wants to share. Congratulations!

  4. That’s great news! As moms, aren’t we happiest when we know that our children are living their best lives?

  5. What fabulous news for her AND you! Can't wait to see it!

  6. That's so exciting. Congratulations to your daughter!

  7. she is so lucky to have found a house very little inventory here. I moved from Potomac MD four years ago and love every minute in downtown Annapolis! There are very few antique shops here so she has landed in the right place! Is she downtown? love your blog long time follower

    1. No not downtown, but close by - they wanted a large home and privacy. I love Annapolis and am so looking forward to spending time there.

  8. What great news!
    I used to live in Annapolis and loved every minute of my life there.

  9. You must be over the moon with joy! Can’t wait to see what fabulous things you and your daughter will do in her new home.