Monday, April 5, 2021

The Banquette

Barry Benson - Luxe Magazine

 I know we all love white Chinese Chippendale chairs, but black is a chic alternative, upholstered here in Brunschwig & Fils suzani. I wish the banquette seat was in the same fabric.

I have been debating a banquette for my own breakfast room, but I am not crazy about it blocking windows like it is here. I think it would look awful from the outside as well. Hmmmm.


  1. I love a banquette, but I’m with you on this one- the seat should match the back. I like the fabric on the chairs but not crazy about it on the banquets itself.
    I don’t like the extra cushion/layer on top, i think it would’ve looked better if the shape was consistent to the top.

  2. I have seen banquettes that I like--this is not one of them! I dod not think the back should cover the windows in any case.

  3. I have a corner banquet in my breakfast room and had it made so it comes to right below the window ledge. I really like it and would do it again. It's a cozy place to sit especially in the morning.