Saturday, April 10, 2021

Ralph Lauren & Chinoiserie

Ralph Lauren

 A beautiful space in quintessential Ralph Lauren style with lots of dark woods and blue and white Chinese porcelain. I love the round table stacked with books and a wonderful blue and white Chinese porcelain centerpiece filled with hydrangeas. There must be a hundred hydrangea stems!


  1. I adore dark mahogany with blue and white porcelain. It's my favorite look. Living in the upper midwest as I do, the beachy chinoiserie isn't that appropriate for me. But the cold weather style chinoiserie depicted here is perfect. Actually, this would be perfect in any climate. Thank you for posting this!

  2. RL & Bunny W know a thing or two about decorating with blue and white porcelain: a nice piece of dark wood furniture can add a lot of depth and grounding no matter what all else is going on in the room. It works in the Bahamas and it works in CT. I also happen to like it myself.

    1. I agree, although in Florida it looks a bit heavy if not used sparingly.

  3. Dear Beth you are simply swooney. Every day with you is an adventure.