Tuesday, April 20, 2021

British Colonial

Kitchen in Bali

 I had a white kitchen forever and will always love a white kitchen. BUT, in my Florida home I inherited dark cabinets with granite countertops and stone floors. My kitchen is massive and beautiful and I have decided to embrace the colors and over the months have grown to love them. I found this wonderful kitchen and it's great inspiration - British Colonial which goes beautifully with my chinoiserie, Palm Beach, tropical, island vibe. 

The ceiling here is of course killer and I don't have a beamed vaulted ceiling, but I do have nice high ceilings. I love the striped runners, straw bags and baskets, and the rattan lighting. 

My tile guy is installing a gorgeous honed marble herringbone backsplash later this week.

I found another photo of this wonderful kitchen.

Styled differently here - check out the gallery wall


  1. I love it all! Eager to see your finishing touches too, I think it all fits in perfectly with your vision.

  2. I love the vibe of this kitchen, but for me, it needs more color...it feels a little sterile. More plants or maybe some art on that big wall, I’m not sure!

  3. Lovely. I wonder what those photos on the wall are of? I'm sure they tell a story.

  4. This is my ideal kitchen. I could walk right in and not change a thing but of course one cannot underestimate the space itself and what that does to make the overall look so airy and sophisticated--from white walls, ceiling and floor, to the black framed doors and lack of top cabinetry.

    The large pendant wicker lights are just right (for color and texture)and the baskets on the side, a nice touch. I love the restraint, too. They could have easily not left well enough alone but they knew where to draw the line and it is per.fect.

    Love the black and white collection of the gallery wall. Well thought out (looks like there's a theme) and probably meaningful to the owners. The chair in the corner adds to the British Colonial vibe and is a nice departure from the rest of the sparse furnishings.

    Seldom do I see planets align in decorating but this is one of those times.

  5. Love everything about it! I’d live here in a heartbeat

  6. This fits me to a T. My favorite style to live in and decorate with. We're life-long Floridians. It also allows me to sneak in bits of American Primitives, English Country textiles and other styles because it's started from incorporating favorite things they loved back home to the new worlds of island living usually local available woods & materials. Like you say fits w/Palm Beach, tropical, etc. Our last kitchen looked very similar to this in finishes. I think my favorite thing about this style is high contrast. Pamela