Monday, March 29, 2021

Palm Beach & Palms

Ellen Kavanaugh Interiors - Flower Magazine

 On Saturday I had my more than a dozen palm trees pruned  - cleaned up would be a more apt description - seed pods, dead fronds, and the like and the garden is very happy. This Palm Beach entryway combines a wall of botanicals by a local artist, a rattan bar cart, gleaming bare hardwood floors, an orchid, and a fabulous skirted table featuring Palma fabric by Christoper Farr. Palms take center stage with a view of the front yard, a potted palm in the living room, and this dramatic palm fabric.

Rattan bar carts are so versatile - perfect in this foyer style with candles, hurricanes, and books. I have three rattan bar carts and always have my eyes open for a new addition.


  1. What a lovely breath of fresh air! This foyer is perfect!

  2. I love this and my favorite part is that wall of botanical prints😍

  3. This is really perfection! It looks so clean and fresh. This is a Florida look I could get behind,

  4. So light, airy and pretty. I love the skirted table.