Tuesday, February 23, 2021

My Lanai Redo

Amanda Lindroth

As you may know, my last room to do at CCC is my lanai. My projects include -

1. Painting the ceiling Haint Blue - I have chosen Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue

2. A new ceiling fan 

3. New outdoor wicker furniture

4. A bar

5. New flooring

So, my painter broke his wrist and is all backed up on projects. Luckily I am in my new laid back Florida mode and it will happen when it happens. 

The flooring has been the Magical Mystery Tour. 

After looking at blue and white tile and choosing one, I started looking at porcelain tile and chose a marble lookalike, then still didn't love that and my flooring people have not been available to start yet anyway. I posted a while back before moving here about coral stone after seeing these Amanda Lindroth photos of her Bahamian home. In the photos, the floors and columns are coral stone. I did some preliminary research and did not find coral stone available locally and thought better of shipping in a ton of stone.

Then I was watching HGTV (I am an addict) and a Florida couple redid their home in shellstone. Eureka. I realized that it is a Florida stone and called shellstone here, not coral stone. As soon as I searched shellstone, I found local sources. It has half a dozen names actually including shell/shellstone marble, shell/shellstone travertine, and shell/shellstone limestone.

With my stunning limestone floors throughout the house, a beautiful natural stone is what needs to be in the lanai and entryway. Shellstone is like limestone and shares many characteristics, but is made of shells and coral. It is a natural sedimentary stone found right here in Florida. So today I am off to some stone places to get samples. I am crazy super excited.

Shell Stone

Amanda Lindroth - House Beautiful


  1. I think you will like this choice much more than porcelain. Can't wait to see your new lanai.

  2. I'm so glad you discovered shellstone. Since the lanai is so open to the rest of the house I think it would have been a mistake to do a different flooring there. Better to have a flooring that carries the same look and feel as the inside. Both spaces will seem that much bigger, open, and airy. I adore BM Palladian Blue. I used it in my bathroom seven years ago and it's still as fresh and serenely beautiful as the day the painters rolled it on. I'm excited to see the finished lanai!

    1. Thanks - excited about the shellstone and the Palladian Blue.

  3. I can't wait to see what you do.

  4. That lanai is beautiful but the sea view is breathtaking! My kitchen has white cabs and backsplash and so I had the ceiling painted haint blue- I used SW Sky High and I just love it!
    Excited to see the finished room, cheers!

  5. Love your new direction, Beth, for all the reasons already mentioned. PLUS, it will give you more flexibility to change things out as the spirit moves you.

    You'll have a very classic, timeless base that will be in harmony with the rest of your house--always a good thing.

  6. Spectacular lanai/veranda of Amanda Lindroth's, and that view! I just love the shell stone you showed. The color is so soft looking. In the photo, it looks like it leans towards a pink shade.