Wednesday, December 16, 2020

A White Christmas Florida Style

Siesta Key

As the Northeast braces for a major winter storm reaching from D.C. north, I do not miss the snow AT ALL. Having grown up in Chicago, the closest I ever want to get to a White Christmas again is the white sands of our beautiful beaches.

The white sands of Florida's Gulf Coast are mostly made up of microscopic quartz crystals that have been washed down into rivers, out into the Gulf of Mexico, and then up onto the shores of the Sunshine State.

Stay safe if you are in the storm's path.


  1. My idea of heaven!
    Something to fantasize about as we are bracing for a snow storm in NYC.

  2. Beautiful picture of the Siesta Key. It would make a very clever Christmas card. The beaches in Florida are just gorgeous. Thankfully I am in northern CA, so no big storm here, but I do wish we would get some badly needed rain.

  3. Yes, now in Florida originally from N Bethesda, lived thru a "Thundersnow" more!

  4. Just a light dusting of snow in Chicago today. I prefer the sand as well!

  5. Cant wait for snow and a white Christmas in CT but love your version too.

  6. Blizzard has arrived in NY. We are planning to escape to Boca next week. If I never had to deal with snow again, that day could not come soon enough. The city has come to a halt and we are expecting a foot worth.

  7. It was actually pretty...and quiet...and it didn't last.

  8. I spent Thanksgiving with my family on Captiva Island and it was fabulously warm. We spent all the time outdoors in the Gulf, pool and biking. We even went fishing out in the Gulf. So fortunate to be where it is warm. Your photo sums this up perfectly.

    I was just at the Sea Marie Designs website and there is a fantastic wicker ginger jar there that I feel sure you would like!

    Merry Christmas to you!


  9. Sounds like a lovely time. I will check out the ginger jar. Merry Christmas.