Thursday, November 19, 2020

Strong Women

Women Life

 I was so happy to read the many comments from yesterday's post that almost everyone is planning on decorating for the holidays in spite of these extraordinary times we are living in. My mother always said, "Don't let the bastards get you down." I urge you to go back and read the comments from yesterday - I think they will be good for the soul.

Every single one of us is dealing with loss this year. I get it. On a personal note, in the last few years I lost my closest friend to stomach cancer, my husband to a heart attack, my beloved pup Izzy, sold my home I loved, and have moved twice in the last year, most recently to escape an abusive relationship with a narcopath. And now the pandemic. BUT - I have designed a life I truly love, and I know on the other side of this, things will be wonderful.

Be good to yourself. Please stay safe. We are strong women and will persevere. And if you don't feel like decorating for the holidays, don't. There are no rules this year.


  1. That’s beautiful.

    We are all strong - not just us women but our men too. Most men - like most women - are wonderful. The world is full of good, extraordinary people. Good always triumphs.

  2. Well said, Beth.

    I don't particularly feel like decorating this year but I know I will. It's just how it goes with me. I say that every year, then concede to getting some greenery for a vase or two, then a wreath for the door, then before I know it, I am putting up garlands and buying more plants and decoration.

    All I can say is this: if you wish you could get in the mood but just don't feel it, start with one little thing. Get some potted paper-whites or amaryllis...or get some evergreen branches with red holly and stick it in a tall vase. Get a glass of Prosecco and take it all in. Maybe that'll be enough or maybe just maybe you'll go out to get a few more things. And that's how you start to slowly pull yourself out of the funk.

    Don't forget the Prosecco!

  3. After my wonderful brother passed away last year at an early age I have come to realize life is so precious and you never know what is around the corner I have tried to let life's little problems not get me down as much. This year with covid it has been so horrible and difficult for so many people and I do feel so lucky that my family has been spared. Knowing this has made me remember all the other problems are so minor. If you have your health you are beyond wealthy.

  4. We decorated early! We are traveling for Thanksgiving to be with family! Yes, we are!
    We felt like we needed the cheery lights and greenery with the time change and cooler weather. It’s been wonderful!

  5. I just adore you. Your passion for design and aesthetic are what drew me to your blog many years ago, but I appreciate you on a whole new level now. Thanks for your example of strength, perseverance, optimism, and unending grace.

    1. I agree with Nicole! Your blog has been a bright light during a difficult time. Your strength and your good cheer are inspirational.

  6. "Be good to yourself. Please stay safe. We are strong women and will persevere. And if you don't feel like decorating for the holidays, don't. There are no rules this year."

    Thank for this, it is an important reminder.

  7. It was Nancy Reagan who gave us the most appropriate quote...

    “A woman is like a teabag. It's only when she's in hot water that you realize how strong she is.”

    She had it so right.

  8. Thanks Beth, needed this today!

  9. Your spirit is to be admired and copied!!! Thanks for the inspiration. I am in a club made up of many 80+ year old women. Like you they have weathered losses and disappointments over the years. And like you they have preserved, continued to love life and make the world a prettier place in which to live. Happy Thanksgiving. Nan